May Letter from Club President

With every event we attend as a group we see deeper bonds and friendships form. We reach out to educate, offer our skills and knowledge, to the public with interest in our antique cars. These interactions are what fuel us as members. That smile, firm handshake sometimes a tight hug. Through the year we will continue to coordinate shows and events with fellow members. Parking as a group at a car show is a great way to be sure that a member of the club has a chance to touch someone’s life with an amazing experience in antique automobiles. Every show I seem to meet a gentleman or lady that has a collection of Model T parts left over from an old hobbyist that has found their way down the golden path. These are the opportunities that allow us to gather and share our club information to forge new relationships with potential members. To let the community know we are here to preserve these cars and this information. As our season of activities gets started think of what you can do this year to get one new person to join our group of enthusiast. Make a call, write a letter, send a card. Lets fuel this clubs passion for our cars and receive new members to help us relay our message to our region.