Would you like to know more about our club before making an inquiry? Below is some of the basic information about our club, and Model T’s in general.

What is the mission of your club?

Our mission is to preserve and maintain the Model T Ford of ancient age and historical value for current and future generations to enjoy.

What year was your club founded?

The Western Idaho Model T Ford Club was founded in 1975.

Is your club affiliated with any other groups or associations?

Yes. The Western Idaho Model T Club  is a chapter of the Model T Ford Club of America.

What does it cost to join your club?

$20 USD annually

Do I have to have a Model T to join your club?

No. We ask that you be serious about wanting to support our mission. We have members who do not own a Model T, however they help to support the club and it’s mission and most of them are seeking to acquire or build a car a soon as they can.

How many events do club members do each year?

As many as we can. Model T’s are better suited for good weather so as soon as it warms up we are tuning up our cars and getting ready to tour and attend events.

Do I have to participate in all of the club events?

No. Participation is voluntary for all events. Come and do as much as you can or are willing to do.

How often do you have meetings?

We meet once a month on the fourth Thursday usually at a restaurant in the Treasure Valley. Some members meet every Thursday at different members shops to work on cars, participate in workshops, and tell tall tales.

I don’t know anything about the Ford Model T. Will anyone help me to get started?

Absolutely! This is perhaps the greatest aspect to our community. We are passionate about the Model T and preserving the legacy of this wonderful piece of our history. There is no shortage of people to help you learn and grow as we work collectively to preserve this great automobile.

Are Ford Model T’s fun?

They are about the most fun you can have at 45 mph.